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Superdose Web Series

Superdose was a project created by Pomar (a production company I co-founded) in Brazil. The web series featured independent musicians in South America and ran for 3 seasons. 

The project grew beyond the series, resulting in two music festivals and multiple pocket shows ("Minidose"). 

Woman sings on a microphone. She is brunette and is wearing a red hat.
3 man in a  music studio singing. Man on the foreground looking at the camera.
Music studio shows 6 men playing instruments and 2 woman filming them.

My work at Pomar

In 2014, 5 women got together to create what would go on to change the music scene in Rio. 


Pomar (our production company) was born with the idea of creating more space in the music industry for independent artists. And with this premise, we did something that wasn't being done at the time: brought independent artists together. 

Our web series Superdose shone a light on different bands, opening space for artists to show their true selves, performing their own songs with no censorship of any kind. The web series was created to break barriers and inspire people. 

The project was so well received that it naturally evolved into something bigger. Throughout 2 years we created 3 web series seasons, branded events, intimate pocket shows and two music festivals.  


During this time, I had many roles in the company, including co-DP, Cinematographer and Video Editor. 

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