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Cactus Club

Cactus Club Video Series is a project that aims to highlight the intersection of music and film in Milwaukee as well as to bring together multimedia arts communities. Established in 2018, this project serves as an archive to some of the vibrant talents that have played the club.

close up on hands playing a guitar. Light effect overlaying the image.
Close up on a cactus. Subtitles read: the song, and the encounter between the sense of the word ...
2 women singing. Subtitles read: it's a little like my tool for expression.

Episode 003 - Sessa

I was invited to create the third episode of Cactus Club Series. I had the freedom to choose the aesthetic and content.

The video was drawn from Sessa's intimate performance. Based on the lyrics and the energy of the show I created the dark bokeh aesthetic and used it throughout my editing, overlaying b-roll and perfomance. The interview was done via WhatsApp and, therefore, used only as voice over. 

The performance was captured by 1 still camera, 1 handheld camera, 1 boom microphone and a zoom recorder. All work was done by me, including the translation. 

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