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Bembé Music & Dance

Bembé is a community-based, cultural performing arts program in the city of Milwaukee that inspires music and performance skills, intergenerational connection and cultural identity exploration through Afro-Latino culture.

Woman dancing in foreground holding her skirt up. Kids playing drums  and dancing in the background
Hands pulling drums out of its case
Close up on a person's face. They are glazing diagonally.

My work at Bembé

During my time as Program Coordinator at Bembé, I conceptualized, shot and edited a diverse range of media. This included videos for grant proposals, teaser and branded videos, as well as interview series (with long and short videos). 

The series was based on intimate talks with the staff. They spoke about their relationship with music and discussed the social importance of Latin rhythms in Milwaukee (and the world). 

Bembe explain
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