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Moving Image

I’m a video editor, moving-image artist, and photographer.  My shorts are an attempt to open dialogue about human relationships in the modern world. My intention is to create an intimate and truthful relationship with my audience through memories, hidden identities and meditation. 

Super close up on a person's eyes looking at the camera.
Black high hills on snow.

The work

Don’t Drop it, Joanna!
2019 / 11 min / Video

“Don’t Drop it, Joanna” threads a relationship between what is taught and what is felt. Through snippets of life the narrator free falls into concepts, desires, expectations and intimacy in an attempt to genuinely express love.


There Here
work-in-progress/ 14 min / Video

An honest conversation with my mother about her visa situation, our feelings and humanity.

We lived in different countries for almost 10 years; during the making of the movie I lived in the U.S while she lived in Canada. This conversation takes place during a time where Canada had failed her and she was being forced to leave the country fast, after have spent 5 years building her life there with the promise of a green card at the end.

Ninguém Solta a Mão de Ninguém!
work-in-progress/ 8 min / Video

The project is a reflection on what it means to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community in Brazil after Bolsonaro’s election. It questions the current social oppressive reality and the marginalization of the community. During the film proccess more questions about my role in all this and the validation of my feelings being a Brazilian living outside the country arose. The film imagery tries to combine the recent election of Bolsonaro (elected president of Brazil) with the concept of being trapped and peripheralized through images of reflections. 

Jair Bolsonaro, has exalted the country’s military dictatorship, advocated torture and threatened to destroy, jail or drive into exile his political opponents. He has legitimized violence around the country, especially directed towards already marginalized groups (so-called “minorities”). The president and his supporters have created this alter-reality which they see as the “real reality”. One could argue that this made up reality has indeed been instituted and has now trapped the skeptics in a reflection of it. 


Who Will Occupy Our Memories?!
2018 / 2 min / 16mm

Fading memories of a love story that once occupied and authorized a space. Space that will be soon flooded by someone else's memories.


The Train We Share
2016 / 3 min / Video

We share the train, but not the story.

2015 / 2 min / Video

How isolated are we from the real world nowadays?


Blurred Lines
2015 / 4 min / Video 

Blurred Lines discuss how much power can emerge from the knowledge of a specific language. It opens a discussion about what can be trusted and how much mistranslation and lack of full understanding can create a completely different experience. 

It is about a connection between control and what’s presented vs inner knowledge; how dependent we are on the language we speak and the culture it is attached to. 


Summer High
2015 / 4 min / Video

Following the journey of the song through dance, the video explores what is inside our heads while suffering with mental health. 

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